Kayak is a small but strong and resistant communication agency, even when the work gets tough.

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Immagine elefante. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Advertising / Shooting / Video

Officina Bernardi

Creazione concept di campagna, shooting prodotti still life e indossati. Realizzazione video, abbigliaggio tram, roll up per fiere, immagini per sito istituzionale e social.

Branding / Website / Graphic Design / Advertising

IMI Immobiliare Milano

Creation of the new site, repositioning of the brand, video campaigns, posters, real estate agency materials, various promotions and much, much more.

Website / Graphic Design / Institutional Brochure

Viking Italy

Creation of the new website, drafting of texts and graphic design, study of brand positioning and personalized declination on institutional brochures.

IMI Immobiliare Milano. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Branding / Website / Graphic Design / Advertising

IMI Immobiliare Milano

Creazione del nuovo sito, riposizionamento del marchio, campagne video, manifesti, locandine, materiali per i punti vendita, varie promozioni e tanto, tanto altro.

Kayak has sailed through a lot of advertising experiences, creating web of communications both for large international brands and small local companies. In addition to its main crew, the agency has collaborators in each port, to offer targeted consultancy in the great sea of publicity.

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