Kayak is an agile and resilient communications agency, whatever the client.

From pin to elephant, brochure to billboard, Kayak Advertising thinks small but also big, depending on the client and marketing needs. He can make advertisements and promotions, as well as creations in three dimensions, logos, naming and animations, websites and illustrations, in short, anything that serves to make a company’s brand known, to build brand identity and live happily.

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Advertising / Shooting / Video

Officina Bernardi 

Campaign concept creation, still life and worn product shooting. Video production, streetcar attire, trade show roll-ups, images for institutional site and social.

Branding / Website / Advertising / Brochures


New site creation, logo restyling with pay off study, brochure making for RSA, newsletter and promotional postcard study.

Website / Graphic Design / Institutional Brochure

Viking Italy

New website concept, text and graphic design, brand positioning study, with custom declination on institutional brochure.

IMI Immobiliare Milano. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Branding / Website / Graphic Design / Advertising

IMI Real Estate Milan

New site creation, brand repositioning, video campaigns, posters, point-of-sale materials, various promotions and much, much more.

Kayak advertising is a well-traveled advertising agency with a long track record of consulting for both large international brands and small local companies. In addition to its main crew, the agency has collaborators in each port, to offer targeted consultancy in the great sea of publicity.

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