Kayak crew offers agility and power, To give notoriety with publicity.

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Illustrazione strategia. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Strategy and creative idea

How do you get to create the right brand image for a product? And how do you communicate in the right way for your audience?

It takes many ingredients, a special recipe for each client. It starts with the Naming, the choice of the name and the study of the Logo, seasoned with an original pay off. It amalgamates well together with a fresh Strategy and meanwhile carefully works out ideas for communication.

This is followed by the most appetizing layouts and the most fragrant texts, to be garnished with succulent photos. And this is just the beginning. No cook reveals all the secrets of the trade, the important thing is that the result satisfies the most discerning palates.

A drop of Branding

Welcome to the world of Brand, brand in English. No, branding has nothing to do with it. Branding is the art of making known the values attached to a product or company, specifically defining its identity in the target market (Brand Identity).

It also means knowing how to distinctively communicate one’s strengths (called Pluses), get recognized by loyal customers and win new ones.

We come up with a nice name (Naming) and a catchy logo, studying the whole corporate image (Graphic design). Next, the brand concept is declined on each material to consolidate its strength. Thus a star is born.

Illustrazione branding. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Three-dimensional digital still life

The strength of an advertising proposal is very much related to image, not only in a metaphorical sense, but also to the actual presentation of the product. The famous packshot, the packaging, the proposed service, the final container in short. You can make wonderful effect photos, with great professionals and large investments, or you can use three-dimensional reproduction with a little extra creativity. Then here you can create an incredible set, invent amazing situations, where the pack becomes the star, the light moves to sure effect, and the result is perfect.

Kayak is ready to shoot still lives in 3D with settings of your choice to project products into new imaginary horizons.

Web design and digital marketing

Where do you go if you don’t have a site? And if you have it, are you sure you’re going to be found by who you want?

Web design studies how to effectively create a website, which presents the brand in all its beauty, virtual and otherwise. Digital marketing, on the other hand, best calibrates SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to strategically position pages in search engines.

And once the site has achieved its goal, you have to hold on to it. How is it done? With a nice, clean layout that makes the pages pleasant to discover, along with simple, straightforward text that communicates content with strength and clarity. It sounds easy, but it is the most delicate thing to accomplish.

Illustrazione web design. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Let's start a project

Let's start a project