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Illustrazione strategia. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Strategy and creative idea

How do you get the right brand image for a product? And how do you communicate in the right way for your audience? It takes a lot of ingredients and a special recipe for each customer. Everything starts with the choice of the Name and the study of the Logo, flavoured with an original pay off. Then all blend well together with a fresh strategy and in the meanwhile we work carefully on creative ideas for advertisement.. At this point, we add the most appetizing layouts and the most fragrant texts and garnish with succulent photos. And this is only the beginning. There is no chef that reveals the secrets of its art, the important thing is that the result satisfies the most demanding palates.


Welcome to the world of Branding.
Branding is the art of communicating the values ​​connected to a product or company, defining its identity in the reference market (Brand Identity). It also means knowing how to communicate your own strengths (known as Plus) in a distinctive way, getting recognized by loyal customers and conquering new ones. The brand presents itself with a beautiful name and an attractive logo, with a whole coordinated image (Graphic design). Finally, the concept of the brand is developed to each material, to consolidate its strength. Thus a star is born.

Illustrazione branding. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano
Illustrazione web design. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Web design and digital marketing

Where do you go without a website? And if you have it, are you sure you’ll be discovered by whoever you want? Web design studies how to effectively create a website that presents the brand in all its beauty, virtual and otherwise. Digital marketing, on the other hand, calibrates better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to strategically position pages in search engines. And once the site has reached its goal, you have to hold on tight. How is it possible? With a nice clean and pleasant layout, which makes the pages enjoyable, with simple and direct texts, which communicate the contents with strength and clarity. It sounds easy, but it’s the most delicate thing to do.

When advertising turns green.

Despite the background color, we are not all Shrek’s children. We all have in common the passion of creativity andour engine is powered by our ideas. Which can be defined as green energy and clean enthusiasm for our work.


Gianluca Cardoni. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Gianluca Cardoni

My passion for digital dates back to 1987, when the web was a CERN nerd stuff. Following technological innovation in the field of communication allows me to maintain the same enthusiasm for each project as I did at the beginning.

My training as an art director and everything I learned about communication is due to the first weaning received at the IED. Then I grew up eating bread and layout in the trenches of large advertising agencies, such as Leo Burnett.

Kayak is the creature that for 15 years I have proudly raised together with my sweet girls, Paola and Elena. Here I deal with art direction, graphics and web design, personally supervising, the whole process from the briefing to the publication, all the projects of our customers. Whatever their size might be.

Elena Tralli. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Elena Tralli​

I am a new member of the crew, without fear of depth. My job is to explore the vastness of communication, both in a conceptual sense, with the development of Copy Strategy, and in a practical sense, with the drafting of any word that passes through my world. After many years spent in the closed ports of major international advertising agencies, I also decided to take off with Kayak.

The skills are many, starting from the Naming of each product that is born. And when it grows, the institutional or promotional campaigns arrive.

With the capacity to adapt to big or small screens, on radios or billboards, surfing around the web, on sites and Social media, with all the agility that a paddle can give.

Paola Medeot. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Paola Medeot​

I started my career as a copywriter, but I soon learned the strategic accountant role never ceasing to get excited about anything that can broaden my horizons. After years of classic advertising, I started having a crush on web marketing and my infatuation grows stronger every day.

I love to ferry customers into the open and fishy spaces of the web and social networks where all the avant-garde marketing strategies and perfectly traceable results are steadily redesigning the market scenario.

My love for new routes took me across the border, reaching Lugano where I currently live offering local and Italian companies a branch of Kayak, supported by the skilled Milanese team.

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