Alerasia Cosmetics and Essences

The Alerasia skincare line harnesses the extraordinary active ingredients extracted from organic grapes from Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage territory. 

Kayak does a 3D photo shoot to enhance the materials and light. Like the wine bottle, with its unmistakable design, which at the end of its life is reborn like a phoenix thanks to the skilled touch of a master glassmaker. 

Alerasia Skincare - Render di Prodotto Cosmetci - Kayak Advertsing

3D Rendering as a communication tool.

You can make wonderful effect photos with great professionals and large investments, or you can use three-dimensional reproduction with a little extra creativity.

Then here you can assemble an incredible set, invent amazing situations, where the pack becomes the star, the light moves with sure effect, and the result is perfect.

Kayak Advertising is ready to shoot 3D still lifes with settings of your choice, even package cute animations, to project products into new imaginary horizons.

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