Kayak is a communications agency that can offer diversified solutions for every type of client. Please enter the world of our services.

Icona location. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Home base is Milan, but consultations range from local customers to international companies.

If you have a project to submit to us or are interested in offering your collaboration, please choose the contact that is right for you.


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We review proposals for collaboration complete with resumes and a brief selection of work done in advertising. Only to the following address:

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When advertising goes green.

Despite the background color, we are not all Shrek’s children. We share a passion for creativity, though, and we use the energy of ideas as our engine. In English it can be called green energy, clean enthusiasm for our work.

Gianluca Cardoni. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Gianluca Cardoni

My passion for digital goes back to 1987, when the Web was the stuff of CERN nerds. Following technological innovation in the field of communication still allows me to have the same enthusiasm for each project as in the beginning. My training as an art director I owe to the first weaning I received at the IED in Milan. Then I grew up eating bread and layout in the trenches of big advertising agencies, such as Leo Burnett. Kayak is the creature I have been proudly raising for 15 years with my girls, Paola and Elena. Here I do art direction, graphic and web design, personally following all of our clients’ projects from briefing to airing. Whether small or large.
Elena Tralli. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Elena Tralli

I am an added helmsman, unafraid of depth. So I explore the vastness of communication, both in a conceptual sense, with elaboration of Copy Strategy, and in an operational sense, with writing whatever text is in my mind. After many years spent in the closed ports of large international advertising agencies, I too have taken to the sea with Kayak.

The skills are many, starting with Naming, to carefully define the name of each product that is born. And when it grows, along come the campaigns, institutional or promotional, on the big or small screen, on radio or billboards, roaming the web, on sites and Social, with all the agility a paddle can give.

Paola Medeot. Kayak agenzia di comunicazione Milano

Paola Medeot

I start as a copywriter, grow as an account and never stop getting excited about anything that expands my horizons. After years of classic advertising, in fact, came the overbearing infatuation with web marketing.

I love ferrying clients into the open, fishy spaces of the Web and social where cutting-edge marketing strategies and perfectly trackable, measurable results reshape the market landscape.

By dint of pursuing new routes I ended up across the border, in Lugano, where I live and offer local and Italian companies a branch office of Kayak, supported by the strength of the solid Milanese team.