Creative workshop:
animations, 3D renderings and craft intelligence.

The place where ideas flow freely and beautifully.

When the Kayak crew is not busy ferrying a client's image to better communication shores, with a dedicated advertising studio or various promotional materials, then they can dive into carefree projects.

The search for new visual languages, the experimentation of innovative potentials, such as the creation of 3D images, even the creation of origami or rebuses, becomes a magnum sea for a curious communication agency to explore.

3D creations and animations

The reality of 3D realisations is now widespread in every area of communication, from publishing to cartoons, with truly astonishing results. The challenge, however, is to always find a concept that gives content to beautiful images, because without creative thought support they become wonderful exercises but ends in themselves.

Kayak has had fun playing with her K by forming surreal landscapes, making her staff dance for Christmas greetings, inventing characters to use as mascots and even creating games, such as the three-dimensional rebus.

After all, even the most sophisticated artificial intelligence cannot get very far without the necessary mediation of craftsmanship, the only basis on which sensible, sometimes sensational advertising can be founded. Discover all the ideas in the dedicated section and have fun.

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Kayak is an advertising agency, but not only that, it is also a laboratory of new ideas, a hotbed of graphic experiments and a source of fresh words, popping up in no particular order in heads and social channels. So the constant updating is assured, the fun as well. Discover Kayak's FB and Instagram profile, to navigate in company and in joy in the great sea of social networks.

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