25,000 farmers in Guinea Bissau set out to speak in 3 languages.

How do thousands of Guinea Bissau farmers in total poverty earn the esteem and help of people who live thousands of miles away? They do this with a site that is intuitive to navigate, rich in sections to explore, and made dynamic and compelling by graphic and photographic suggestions. All this in 3 languages to bring the Foundation’s activities into dialogue with NGOs, nonprofits and individuals around the world.

The first people to get excited about the birth of the website were us.

Making a website for an African farmers’ federation that is tenaciously leading entire regions of a very poor country out of the grips of hunger was both exciting and moving for us. Let us try to explain why.

The Federation that has been making farmers raise their heads for 20 years.

Guinea Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world, plagued by famine, coups, and climate change.

In this country, the Kafo Federation associates 25,000 peasants who, through a tenacious process of self-determination, have succeeded in 20 years in becoming the engine of a profound economic and social transformation for vast areas of the country, raising dozens and dozens of villages from starvation.

All this thanks to the collaboration with many NGOs and private individuals (including Swissaid, WFP, FAO, OXFAM) that have funded over the years a rich array of activities put into practice by the Foundation: literacy and training courses for local farmers and producers, activities to defend local seeds and agroforestry resources, community resource management courses, activities aimed at defending traditions but also at spreading gender equality and the possibility for women and young people to cultivate the land and create a new future for themselves.

Continuing this endeavor requires new support.

Today this development model needs new supports to spread like wildfire.

And so, with funding from a long-time supporter of the Federation, we created a website that gives ample voice to the history and projects of the Kafo Federation. The site shows a very broad target audience that this is the right partner to implement projects that can become crucial not only for New Guinea but for all countries around the world facing the same challenges today.

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