Nati per il futuro Onlus

Logo restyling, website design, promotion materials design, posters, brochures, bookmarks, advertising campaigns, Christmas raffle, 5×1000 allocation.

Advertising communication

The Association Nati per il futuro was founded to protect and help the infant, child and their respective families, in the diagnoses of complex diseases such as metabolic diseases, rare diseases and feeding disorders, offering support and assistance in different capacities from the earliest moments.

Kayak followed the project starting with the study of the logo, with the stylization of a baby and a heart, which is meant to convey all the love of the non-profit organization for the sick little ones.

The advertising agency Kayak was then in charge of creating a fresh and lively site to deal with the sensitive topic of disease in the spirit of a child. Related promotional materials also have the same creative concept behind them, that is, to use an innocent look even in difficult situations, to still envision a peaceful future for young patients.

A great brochure for the little ones.

To present in detail the many projects of Nati per il futuro, Kayak Advertising created an original brochure, with a three-panel opening, given the breadth of content to be shown. In this way, a simple but effective creative idea was found to provide a comprehensive overview of the non-profit organization’s interventions, while maintaining an attractive image to optimize the marketing approach. It is not enough to do good, we also need to communicate it well.

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