Digital still life, animation and 3D packshot.​

The power of an advertising proposal is very much related to image, not only in a metaphorical sense, but also to the actual presentation of the product. The famous packshot, the packaging, the proposed service, the final container in short.

3D Rendering as a communication tool.​

You can make wonderful effect photos with great professionals and large investments, or you can use three-dimensional reproduction with a little extra creativity.

Then here you can assemble an incredible set, invent amazing situations, where the pack becomes the star, the light moves with sure effect, and the result is perfect.

Kayak Advertising is ready to shoot 3D still lives with settings of your choice, even package cute animations, to project products into new imaginary horizons.

The animation is able to render the idea very well. ​​

When the static 3D realization goes a little tight on the different facets of the product, when you want to give a minimum of movement to its presentation, or maybe even just for fun, here’s where virtual animation comes in.

Packaging that dances, communication that comes to life, spins that clarify every detail and at the same time give joy to the most serious of products. Not bad, right?

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