25,000 farmers in Guinea Bissau set out to speak in 3 languages. How do thousands of Guinea Bissau farmers in total poverty earn the esteem and help of people who live thousands of miles away? They do this with a site that is intuitive to navigate, rich in sections to explore, and made dynamic and […]

Alerasia Cosmetics

Alerasia Cosmetics and Essences The Alerasia skincare line harnesses the extraordinary active ingredients extracted from organic grapes from Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage territory.  Kayak does a 3D photo shoot to enhance the materials and light. Like the wine bottle, with its unmistakable design, which at the end of its life is reborn like a […]


Proposed posters for the 2021 season and the centennial of the Macerata Sferisterio.

Product Render – Still life photography

Australian Gold Hot prodotti solari. Rendering in 3D creato da Kayak.

Product renderings,digital still life photography, animations and 3D packshots. The strength of an advertising proposal is very much related to image, not only in a metaphorical sense, but also to the actual presentation of the product. The famous packshot, the packaging, the proposed service, the final container in short. 3D Rendering as a communication tool. […]

TPRF Foundation and In Touch Association

Kayaking for Prem Rawat Foundation. Social publicity done right. Design of promotional materials for the Peace Education Program (PEP), event presentation posters, brochures dedicated to education and migrant integration, various strategic supports (poster + brochure + events). Advertising communication The communications agency Kayak ADV also deals with issues related to social issues, personal growth, and […]

La Bedda storia

La Bedda Storia, when advertising gets a taste for it. Logo creation and declinations, website creation, design of promotional materials such as brochures, Ape Bedda apparel, Bedda Bag. Check out the site Advertising communication Kayak Agency has been following the beautiful story of Basil and Tiziana, indeed, the Bedda Storia. The advertising communication follows the […]

Domina Hotel

Domina Hotel Group proudly offers the all-Italian qualities of its hospitality: warm welcome, attention to detail, good food and a touch of seduction. Kayak makes all the corporate image: from directory brochures to individual hotel brochures.


Environmentally friendly and economical, remanufactured cartridge and printing materials chain Eco Store chooses Kayak to suit up again in the important phase of consolidation in Italy and expansion in Europe. The communication created is fresh and joyful to bring new energy to the ever-expanding brand. B2B folder with sproutable card.


Logo saltafrontiere. Kayak Agenzia di Comunicazione Milano.

Saltafrontiere is an online store that offers bio-eco-sustainable products, born from processes that respect people and the environment. Logo and e-commerce made by Kayak. Guarda il sito

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