Communication becomes technological: Kayak ADV for Viking Italy.

Viking Italy is a professional radio link operator, for which Kayak created the website with responsive design, the corporate communication brochure, various marketing promotional materials, and 3D visuals.

Creative strategy.

Viking Italy is a reality of excellence in the field of professional telecommunications services, with top level technology and proprietary infrastructure. Kayak Advertising accepted the challenge of communicating its very specialised content in an understandable way, so it chose the language of icons and evocative images. It created the website with the help of metaphors and symbols to integrate technical details with evocative representations.

With the development of skills in 3D processing, the Milan-based communications agency created customised images for posters and pages, exactly as requested by the client. It also created customised icons for the different services, summarising Viking Italy’s strengths in a few clear lines, with power and speed.

Advertising communication.

The Little Prince said that ‘the essential is invisible to the eyes’, like Viking’s connecting bands. The Kayak agency also exploited the symbolic power of this message for the brochure cover, turning an advertising communication into an artistic icon. The gesture of creating life becomes a powerful visual metaphor, simplifying Viking Italy’s complex technology with a famous image, which becomes immediately comprehensible.

To effectively convey the message of the power of transmission, the Milan-based communications agency discomfited Michelangelo, using his creation of Adam as a marketing image, perfect for rendering the idea of the power of connection on offer.

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